Company Profile

GLANZ is founded in 1996 and has always been focused on the development, production and sales of cabinet accessories especially for Premium Kitchen and Wardrobe Accessories. We offer good design, value prices and high quality service. In order to produce advance home equipment, we are well equipped with the new management systems, superd technology, advanced equipment, scientific management and comprehensive service systems.


  • Kitchen Equipment and Supplies
  • Kitchen Accessories
  • Kitchen Wardrobe
  • Pull-Out Basket
  • Kitchen Equipment Supplier
  • Water Resistance Board
  • Kitchen Cabinet Door
  • Sink
  • Rack
  • Soft Close Trouser Rack
  • Soft Close Drawer
  • Aluminium Pull-out Basket
  • Aluminium Kitchen Cabinet
  • Modern Kitchen Cabinet
  • Glossy Kitchen


GLANZ is adhere with the philosophy of “ Great, Grand, Glorious” that aspire to provide great quality and services, close coorperation and to let consumers enjoy an excellent cabinet accessories brand.

We observe business morality and try our best to make GLANZ as the greatest choice for modern living

Kitchen Accessories

Functional kitchen design refers to kitchens that not only look stylish, but are also planned out and furnished for maximum efficiency. For example, functional kitchens don't just have enough storage space, but have well-thought out storage such as enough room for groceries, tools, kitchen utensils, pots and pansStorage space should allow everything to be reached easily. Functional kitchen design includes storage details such as a magic corner in a corner cabinet and racks to hold pot lids. Other great storage ideas include sink organizer basket and multi-tier tandem storage.

When planning your kitchen design or re-design, think about how you need to do things and how your kitchen will work. For example, give some thought as to where certain types of kitchenware should be stored. If you'll be getting your drinking water from the tap, you can place glasses in a cupboard close to the sink, but if your drinking water will come from a pitcher or tap in or on the fridge, glasses stored in a cupboard near the fridge would be a better choice.

From the elegance and functionality to the space-saving style, GLANZ turns ordinary cabinets into extraordinary kitchens. Truly innovative designs with high quality aluminium structure, eco-friendly moisture resistant board for base, pre-cast aluminium surface with an anti-slip pattern. German technology to ensure a safe, stable, soft running and closing system, smooth handling that deliver a level of simplicity that is naturally easy to use and enjoy. Everything in its perfect place. Everything within reach. Loading 30kg to 80kg, opening & closing have been tested & certified to GS60000 standard, ISO9001 Quality Standard.

Drawer System

GLANZ Drawer System with its high quality standard and excel pull and push-outs system features a concealed progressive drawer slide system for any usage.The sleek and contemporary design make the GLANZ - drawer box system perfect for residential, commercial and medical cabinets; as well as hotel and condominium projects.

Wardrobe Accessories

Don't settle for a closet that's a cross between a laundry room and a bomb shelter. Making your closet a space you've only dreamed about, where clothes are neatly displayed and easy to find, is within reach. No matter what kind of home you live in, from a small city apartment to a luxury bungalow house, you probably could use more closet space. Clothes, sporting goods, cherished collectibles and cleaning products are just a few of the many things we want and need to store. But often the busy nature of modern life leads to a home full of clutter and little organization. From your kitchen and bedroom to garage and laundry room, having a well-designed and flexible closet can make any space in your home function and look better.


But having an organized closet is just the start of it, as many homeowners now want their closets to complement the rest of their home and reflect their interests and lifestyle.For those who are looking to have a hand in the design of their space, a custom closet allows for plenty of do-it-yourself options. Shelves, adjustable clothing rods, drawers, container storage, jewelry organizers and wall hooks are just a few of the custom options from which you can choose.

"These days people are making their closet their own personal boutique, twenty years ago closets were just storage, but now people want every square inch of their home to be a place to enjoy." But if the idea of an attractive, well-organized and efficient closet seems out of your reach, think again. If you take the time to organize what you want to store, carefully consider all of your closet storage options and take note of great tips and ideas from the experts, you too can have that stand-out closet that brings order to your home. So take notes and get ready to have the kind of closet you always wanted but never thought you could achieve